Credentials within the Church of God are crucial in establishing recognition, accountability, and validation for both ministers and congregations, serving as a testament to their adherence to the church’s doctrines and teachings.

The Credentials Manual outlines the essential standards and processes, ensuring that all affiliated entities align with the Church of God’s mission and values. Moreover, credentials are instrumental in maintaining organizational integrity, fostering unity among the congregations, and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the ministry within the Church of God. View the Credentials Manual below.

New to Credentials?

Individuals aspiring to become vocational ministers within the Church of God can start here to get their credentials. These credentials are vital for your licensing, ordination, and registration, and to ensure accountability within the Church of God’s framework. Below are the steps to get started.

Step 1:

Letter of Intention

The ministerial candidate must write a letter of intent to the Credentials Board declaring that he/she feels a divine call to the ministry and desires to pursue recognition as a minister in the Church of God. The letter of intent should be short and include the following:

  • A brief personal testimony of how you came to Christ.
  • A brief description of your personal call to ministry.
  • Why you feel called to be a Church of God Minister (as opposed to Baptist, Methodist, etc.)

The letter of intent can be sent before the completed application and writing but you will not be considered to have started the process until the online application is submitted, the letter of intent is received, and you are registered in Leadership Focus.

Mail To: Illinois Ministries
Attention: Credentials
1147 Brook Forest #13
Shorewood IL 60404


Step 2:

Complete Online Application

Step 3:

Complete Leadership Focus Phone Interview
(if approved, move to step 4)

Step 4:

Complete Leadership Focus Application

Want to transfer your credentials?

Are you relocating to a different state or region within the United States where the Church of God operates? Transfer credentials to ensure that you remain in good standing within the framework of the Church of God. Transferring credentials facilitates the seamless integration into a new congregation or ministry area, maintaining alignment with the doctrines and teachings of the Church of God while fulfilling the Great Commission in your new location.

Transfer Credentials

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5 Year Review

To uphold the credibility of your ministerial credentials, the Church of God requires a comprehensive review every five years. This essential evaluation is designed to ensure your continued commitment and adherence to the Church’s core values and objectives. Additionally, this process facilitates the identification of any support or resources you may need, fostering a stronger connection between the Church of God and its members.

Credentials Team

Credential’s Chair:
Fred Wright

Credentials Team:
Brian Mack—Market Avenue CHOG
Jay Kroft—FCOG, Springfield
Diane Sergenant—FCOG, Marion
Joy Sherman—Community CHOG, Mt Carmel